Sustainability Festival 2022

Climate change, renewable energy, upcycling…. Sustainability is a big and important issue that affects the whole planet. But what is South Tyrol specifically doing to support a climate-friendly lifestyle? What are the ideas and innovations of the government, local companies, and individuals, and of you, the students and professors of unibz, to contribute to this matter?

From 7 to 10 June, K!ikero is organizing this year’s sustainability festival, with the motto “local&vocal”. Four days filled with many interesting and inspiring discussions, presentations and workshops dealing with the topics mentioned above.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you’re interested in the topic of sustainability and would like to find out more about what South Tyrol is doing to meet its sustainability goals, you should definitely check out the website of the South Tyrolean Sustainability Days that will be held between 6-9 September in Bolzano.