Virtual Workshops on Miro


Over the two weeks of the festival, on Mondays and Fridays at 7pm we have planned Zoom conferences to discuss crucial topics around sustainability.  

Monday’s meetings are meant to 

  • create a welcoming and stimulating environment among the participants and the moderator,
  • get familiar with Miro, the whiteboard used for visual representation during the discussion, 
  • get access to the informative content selected by the moderator

During weekdays, the participants of the workshop are invited to get informed on the topic of the workshop through videos, articles and more informative content to ensure a successful discussion on Fridays! 


Monday 10th and Friday 14th May 2021

Linda Marchioro on Planetary Health 

Monday 17th and Friday 20th May 2021

Barbara Julia Kehm on Animal Agriculture and Pandemics


Anyone can register for the workshops: 

DM the @sustainabilityfestvial_unibz on Instagram or 

write to 

Just bring a lot of curiosity and a healthy desire for discussion! 

Workshops Week 1 

Planetary Health: what is it, why should I care, and how can I contribute? 

Monday 10 and Friday 14 May

Workshop Teaser

What exactly are we talking about, when we talk about “saving the planet”? Aren’t we talking about safeguarding the health of the humans and ecosystems on it? How is climate change linked to my own health, and what can I, as an individual and a member of civil society, do to counteract it and mitigate its effects? In this two-part workshop we will introduce the concepts of planetary health and co-benefits, reflect on what they mean for us, and discuss how each person can contribute to improving planetary health through individual and collective action.

Di cosa parliamo esattamente quando parliamo di “salvare il pianeta”? Forse di salvaguardare la salute degli umani e degli ecosistemi presenti su di essa? In che modo il cambiamento climatico è legato alla mia salute, e cosa posso fare io, come individuo e membro della società civile, per contrastarlo e mitigarne gli effetti? In questo workshop in due parti introdurremo i concetti di salute planetaria e cobenefici, rifletteremo su ciò che questi significano per noi e discuteremo di come ogni persona possa contribuire a migliorare la salute planetaria tramite azioni individuali e collettive.

Wovon sprechen wir genau wenn von “den Planeten retten” die Rede ist? Auf die Gesundheit  der Menschen zu achten und den damit verbundenen Ökosystemen? In welcher Verbindung steht der Klimawandel zu meiner Gesundheit und was kann ich als Individuum und Mitglied der zivilen Gesellschaft tun, um dem entgegenzuwirken und die Effekte abzumildern? In diesem zweiteiligen Workshop werden die Konzepte der planetare Gesundheit und positive Nebeneffekte, wir werden darüber diskutieren, wie jeder Einzelne durch individuelles und kollektives Handeln dazu beitragen kann, die planetare Gesundheit zu verbessern.

Workshops Week 2

An Industry Infected: Eating our way to the next Pandemic and beyond


Monday 17 and Friday 20  May 2021

Moderator Barbara Kehm

Workshop Teaser

Whenever we are purchasing Animal Products, we pay three times:The first time: at the check-out, the second time through subsidies for Animal Agriculture and the third time through externalized costs, which will also be the focus in this workshop. Let’s dive into bitter truths, disturbing facts and what we can do about it. 

Ogni volta che acquistiamo prodotti animali, paghiamo tre volte: la prima volta: alla cassa, la seconda volta attraverso i sussidi per l’agricoltura animale e la terza volta attraverso i costi esternalizzati, che saranno anche l’obiettivo di questo workshop. Immergiamoci in amare verità, fatti inquietanti e cosa possiamo fare al riguardo. 

Wann immer wir tierische Produkte kaufen, zahlen wir dreimal: Das erste Mal: an der Kasse, das zweite Mal durch Subventionen für die Tierhaltung und das dritte Mal durch externalisierte Kosten, um die es auch in diesem Workshop gehen wird. Lassen Sie uns eintauchen in bittere Wahrheiten, verstörende Fakten und was wir dagegen tun können.