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Lokall is a delivery service of veggie boxes from local and organic farmers in Bolzano. It was launched and it is now facilitated by volunteering students of Unibz. Buying from Lokall means you can get a weekly box full of regional fruits and vegetables directly delivered to your student dorm in Bozen. 

Our goal is not only to offer a service, yet to bring people together. We want to spread the importance of ethical, sustainable and local food production. To do so, we organize community events in the farms, aperitivi and cooking sessions

Every week you can buy a Box for 10€ or a Solidarity Box simply adding 1€. This donation goes to the Vinzimarkt, an initiative for people with low incomes, to offer bio vegetables free of charge 

Let’s make local food affordable for all. Join Lokall! 


Links to the guests’ platforms 

IG: @lokallbolzano


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