Giovanni Mori


Giovanni Mori is an energy engineer and has been involved in the fight against climate emergencies for years. He works as a sustainability and environmental consultant for Save The Planet ONLUS. 


Giovanni Mori è ingegnere energetico e attivo da anni nella lotta all’emergenza climatica. Lavora come Sustainability and Environmental Consultant di Save The Planet ONLUS. 


Giovanni Mori ist Energieingenieur und engagiert sich seit Jahren im Kampf gegen den Klima Notstand. Er arbeitet als Nachhaltigkeits- und Umweltberater für Save The Planet ONLUS.


  • Sustainable cities

    ENG   Sustainable cities consist of a ‘new’ configuration of urban centres in which space and time are resized. One example is the 15-minute city, in which everything a citizen needs can be reached on foot in a quarter of an hour. And it is in just over 15 minutes that Giovanni Mori discusses sustainable […]