Daniel Tocca and Sara Pacifici



We are Sara Pacifici and Daniel Tocca. We try to see life in a positive way. We believe in sustainability for the future of our kids and our planet. We believe in love and believe that thanks to respect and hard work we can make this life heaven here on earth.


Noi siamo Sara Pacifici e Daniel Tocca. Cerchiamo di vedere la vita in un’ottica positiva. Crediamo nella sostenibilità per il futuro dei nostri figli e il nostro pianeta. Crediamo nell’amore e che grazie al rispetto e al duro lavoro possiamo rendere questa vita un paradiso in terra.



Sara and Daniel support each other in each business. They are also consulting other big companies how to become more authentically sustainable. 

In addition, Daniel is giving sustainable fashion classes at top universities as Bocconi University Milan, Tilburg University NL and others.

They call their consultancy company Kauridistribution. They want to share their know-how with the world in order to create even better sustainable solution for the planet and for the people


What we do

First of all we take care of our kids. They are the most important thing in life.

In parallel we are entrepreneurs. We love our business. We are specialized in sustainable fashion. All our businesses have small, dedicated teams. 80% of the teams are female. We own a sustainable fashion company (Re-Bello), a consultancy agency (Kauri Distribution) and a sustainable online and offline Marketplace (Kauristore). More about in the section Business of this homepage.



Our target is to create value in all three companies. The dream would be one day to focus more on a non profit causes of HSF Foundation where parts of the profits of our business can go in order to support people who were not so lucky in life.

Our businesses have to support financially the family and to create positive impact on the society. We want to become the biggest sustainable family of the world.


Our Businesses


Sara is the owner and CEO of the brand Re-Bello. Together with a team of 80% woman she makes this brand grow and strive. Re-bello is the first Italian sustainable fashion label, creating wonderful and authentic sustainable clothing for young professionals who love to enjoy life and to travel. Buying a Re-Bello garment contributes to safe around 50% of CO2 Production and 1000 litre of water per garment in addition to help a family business and to produce in a safe and certified fair environment in the Mediterranean area. Daniel is helping with production and international collabs.


We are not perfect at all, but if you want to follow our daily life and business life follow us here, in our business pages and on our INSTA and FB of Happy Sustainable Family. Together we can grow, have fun and inspire many people towards a positive change

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