Italian Cover band

Hi! We are Marketone, an italian cover band. 

Trento is the one that unite us: there is where we met, and it was love at first sight for the 6 of us. We take around and sing the most known songs of the 80s and 90s, but our mascotte is certainly “it’s raining man” of Geri Halliwell. 

At the battery plays Enrico Desilvestro, at the bass Marco Scippacercola, at the 2 electric guitars Stefano Licio and Roberto Dassala, at the keyboard and piano Stefano Bonatti. Sings Sara Ridolfi with the choir of Stefano and Robert

SATURDAY 15 MAY at 9 pm


If asked to introduce themselves, Enhum would say “they are three souls who make folk songs with influences from pop, contemporary and electronic music“. Enhum literally means “in the earth” and they like to compare their music to a plant. What makes these three urban souls from Milan so distinctive is their ability to bring nature into music.



After the success of the Indiependence Festival, the associations BeYoung and MUA did not want to stop to create a reference point in the local independent music scene. #Indiep is a concert for young songwriters strong but also very strange 😉