Meet the Team


We are a group of students that aims at spreading awareness about sustainable practices for our local community. We come from different backgrounds but we have a common goal: do our part for a better future.

Vittoria Brolis

Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences

Despite being Kikero’s boss, I am very chill and down to earth. Yet, sometimes people say I take on too many responsibilities, so I fire them.  

My dream is for everybody to live as they please, as long as they do it my way, which is the right one. Now stop reading and go help nature.

Claudio Codispoti

Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

My heroes are Elon Musk, the Rolling Stones and the President of Kikero. Due to a curse I can eat only three vegetables: salad, carrots and potatoes. When I grow up I want to learn how to say no. But until then, let’s start this adventure.

Lea Schleder

Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture

I am a nature enthusiast and second hand lover. Usually you find me at the veggie corner of a buffet.

Ilaria Chizzoni

Master in Applied Linguistics

I’m 22 years old, I love nature and Linguistics. I’d like to travel to the Moon, but I also think life is not that bad on planet Earth, so I’m trying my best to save this place.

Lisa Guglielmi

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Discovering the mountains and observing natures perfection inspires me to create and to have new ideas. I like drawing and engineering.

Delilah Angel Friedman

Bachelor in Design and Art

I am studying Art in the first year at Unibz. I love everything that has to do with Arts and Nature. This year I helped with the Graphics, I made the Logo and some other stuff.

Bianca Rigo

Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences

I am a joyful person, always looking for new adventures to go on. The environment means a lot to me, and I am trying to do my best to make things better off in my own small way. 

Lisa Althuber

Master in Food Sciences for Innovation and Authenticity

I love people and talking too much. Nature means everything to me and I would like to do my part in preserving it.

Margherita Mescolotto

Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture

I’m a sports lover and a food waste warrior. I travel from town to town looking for second-hand markets. 

Marco Miorandi

Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences

I’m a son of the stars and I like to translate songs from Italian to English. My biggest passions are basketball, politics, memes, memes about politics, memes about basketball and memes about memes. Currently, I’m looking for memes about nature too.

Lukas Koester

Master in Physics

About me? Puh, my name is Lukas, I am a student of Physics, life and people around me (as much as possible, please!). I love the nature and how it balances everything perfectly. As humans, let’s find our way to keep (go back to be) a balanced part of it!

Alberto Gollin

Master in Public Policies and Administration

Extrovert and easygoing person. Sometimes stubborn. Trying to help creating a positive impact regarding sustainability from home. Why not?

Paolo Sylos Labini

Researcher in Computer Science

I have just two flaws: I bump into my house’s furniture and I forget things. But don’t worry, I’m working hard to remember that this June I have to be free for this incredible Sustainability Web Festival. Ouch. 

Giuditta Bee

Bachelor in Agricultural, Food and Mountain Environmental Sciences

I believe in people’s ability to connect and do powerful things. Let’s take responsibility for our home, the earth. We are in this together. 

Silvia Laino

Bachelor in Economics and Management

I love being active and being involved in activities in my community. I love playing volleyball, being
outside and being busy. I am a very easy going person and I enjoy being surrounded by people!

Martina Burlando

Bachelor in Computer Science

I’m passionate about web design and couldn’t see a better opportunity to practice my skills than this amazing project with the university. I’m very sensitive about environmental issues and love the idea of spreading what I believe in.

Paola Bignoli

Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences

Enthusiastic and passionate. I love exploring new places and ideas, I keep on thinking that information and curiosity are key elements to understand who we are and what we should do.

Marla Nichele

Master in Eco-Social Design

Currently less social but more eco.

Julia Reindl

Master in Eco-Social Design

I am nature and veggie-lover, I am addicted to good books and I am responsible for the video content and the animation of the logo. 

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