Closing talk

9th May – 16:00

Paolo Rosso speaks about the crucial role of local communities in sustainable development processes, describing the activities of the OECD Centre for Local Development in Trento. Starting from the commitment of local governments, it is possible to have a great positive sustainable impact on the above local authorities.

8th May – 16:00

Is growth the only possible principle for our economic system?
Daria Habicher explains the concept of the post-growth economy. She shows how the economic growth credo has not worked in overcoming inequalities and the urgent need to think about alternative social and economic systems.

6th May – 18:00

Professor Curi talks about the Green Bonds, which are a financial instrument aimed at increasing the share of sustainable investments in an economy.

5th May – 18:00

Giacomo introduces us “Botanica Per Tutti”, a documentary which collects hundreds of interviews with environmental experts that aims to make us rediscover the intimate relationship between human and plant existence.

4th May – 18:00

Professor Baratieri explains some possible sustainable energy technologies which can be implemented instead of the more polluting methods very much in use nowadays.

Professor Bonacchi explains the concept of ESG, which refers, from an accounting point of view, to not only the financial information of the firm’s activity, but also to its environmental, social and transparency dimensions.

30th April – 18:00

Conscious eating means in concrete terms: saving human and animal lives, not poisoning our environment and preserving our health in the long term. Elfi Oberlechner follows this train of thought, backed up by her own experiences and peppered with numerous ideas.

28th April – 18:00

Professor Christian Fischer sheds light on one of the many cases of food loss and waste. Along the way from a South African orchard into a German belly, only the 40% of the apples is saved and eaten.

27th April – 18:00

Banco Alimentare is a foundation which supports the fight against food waste and against poverty. Calogero tells us how it is possible to give new value to food, helping those in need.

21st April – 18:00

Are traditions and sustainable development compatible? This is the question that Giacomo Pontara pursues, based on his experiences in Central America, where he analyzed traditional farming and agroforestry in Belize.

17th April – 18:00

Giulia Cutello introduces Montagne Vitali, a project in a small village in Trentino which aims at bringing opportunities and supporting this marginal mountain area by involving the local population.

Opening talk

14th April – 18:00

Professor Tonin explains how to guide people towards more sustainable economic choices by means of behavioural economics tools.


8th May – 19:00

Comunità Frizzante wants to make the way in which the territory is lived and community is made “sparkling”, stimulating the development of responsible citizenship. The project was born at the beginning of 2019 and develops around the creation of soft drinks: we collect flavours of the territory and experiment with new drinks. The final objective is to reinvest part of the income in a fund to promote social inclusiveness in the cultural offer in Vallagarina.

5th May – 18:00

In this video WiaNui introduces the philosophy of “upcycling” and shows us how to make a fancy seat cushion out of folded newspaper!

4th May – 16:00

The community of VIVO Garden presents their work and who they are.
They show some simple tips to gardening at home: how to create a gardening shovel and the compost for plants.

2nd May – 16:00

Arianna and Elisa from Elitra show us how to give life to old linen fabrics through natural dyeing and embroidery.

28th April – 16:00

Gianmarco Randon shows us how to prepare two types of Gazpacho, a red and a yellow one, complemented by some unleavened bread.

24th April – 18:00

Carlotta Reviglio explains how to make your own toothpaste and deodorant at home, using few simple products.

20th April – 18:00

Flora e Matteo explain us how you can produce sourdough in your house with few simple steps!