Here you can find all the videos that are published during the festival.

Click on the different categories to see the contents that are already online.


The big category talks includes mini-talks about a specific topic of 15 minutes; tutorials where you will learn how to do something practical and live conferences where you will be able to interact with the speakers.


Each week you can take part in an intriguing challenge, which will require you to unveil your creativity and best imagination! Don’t miss the opportunity to win a special prize offered by the “local firm” of the week.


Every week we will introduce you to a local company committed to taking a stand on environmental changes. In a video of 10-15 minutes, you will have the chance to discover their history, their products and the reason why they decided to invest in a sustainable future.


The Festival is not all about conferences and debates, it is also about music, fun and enjoyment together. Follow our socials to listen to our weekly live stream concerts.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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