About us

Kikero is the unibz students association responsible for the organisation of the annual sustainability festival.

Kikero stands for students, culture and environment. With our events we want to spread awareness about major issues such as climate change and sustainability and give students the opportunity to exchange ideas with like/minded people. In addition to the Sustainability Festival, Kikero has already organised the University Book Club, a creative Story Factory, debating classes, inspiring movie nights and much more.

Kikero is a publicly recognised non-profit organisation that focuses on charitable work and is funded entirely by public funds, donations and membership fees.

Our Team


Hi! I am one of the two main organisers of the Sustainability Festival, and my name is Verena Marchiotto. I believe that Sustainability is one of the leading and direction-giving values of our time – but I also believe the way we recognise and relate to it, as individuals, citizens and consumers, can differ greatly in its action and impact on the community.


Hi there! My name is Marion and this year I got the opportunity to be one of the main organisers of the Sustainability Festival. In my eyes, it is important to spread awareness about such important topics as sustainability. I really enjoy bringing like-minded people together and giving them the chance to share their thoughts and get inspired by others.


Hiya! My name is Heidi and I am one of the organisers of this year’s Sustainability Festival. I feel like this topic is still very underrated in political and cultural discussions around the world, so it is important to me that we spread more awareness and show people that being sustainable does not mean missing out on opportunities. I cannot wait for this year’s festival to begin!

Our Helpers


My name is Sofie, I’m 21 years old and I study design at the university of Bolzano. Because I find it very important to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, I chose to help with the graphic design and visual identity of this years’ festival.


I am Tyler, a second year Erasmus Mundus Master’s student studying Energy Engineering at unibz. My academic work primarily focuses on techno-economic modelling of novel energy storage systems and building energy efficiency projects. In my free time, I like climbing, cycling, hiking and cooking vegetarian meals with my friends.


Hi! I am Luca Liguori and I help organising the Sustainability Festival by Kikero! My motivation is being part of a team which aims at promoting this event. We want to raise the awareness among people about one of the most important and decisive challenges of our age: Sustainability.


Hi, I am Julian, a graphic designer from Tyrol. I love to support young people by implementing their ideas. Also, sustainability and environmental protection is very important to me. So, it wasn’t possible for me to say no to be part of the sustainability festival 2022.


My name is Sepideh Larimian and I’m a student of the Master’s programme in Software Engineering and a music teacher. I have experience playing in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Collaboration with various Jazz bands. The purpose of holding this festival is to make people happy and entertain and to show the talents of the youth, and this is my main motivation for being a member of the Kikero group.

The whole festival would not be possible without the help of all the students and professors who are motivated to help and support us with their ideas, thoughts and creativity! So, a huge thank you to all of you!